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MyJDW employee self-services available (My JDW my view portal). Employees to do MyJD Wetherspoon login, registration, Reset password, log in at official portal and view, check payslips, bonus statements, etc.

The information regarding the MyJDW login will include the requirements for your My JDW login. Further, in case you are not registered with the portal then check out the official My JDW registration process. Finally, do go through the entire list of the JDW employee benefits.

So, readers or rather JDW employees should take some time and read this article. It can also tell you about the official My JDW staff app which you can download on your mobile. Basically, this article contains information for concerns relevant to MyJDW sign-in or log-in.

Other than assisting readers with their MyJDW login concerns, the article also provides a list of JD Wetherspoon employee benefits. Hence, do have a read of the following sections to know in detail about your My JDW account, etc.

MyJDW – Zellis My JDW Login

Employees can log in at the official MyJDW employee self-service portal. On the website, you will have to provide your username/employee id and password to complete your login. So, keep your employee id and password at the time you log in.

Only when you provide My JD Wetherspoon employee id and password can you access your account. Now the most important thing to remember is that you can only log in at the official portal. Therefore, to log in to the portal, the following steps become necessary.

STEP 1. First, open the official My JDW login web portal (

STEP 2. The portal will display the Login page.


STEP 3. Here enter your & digit Employee Number and Password.

STEP 4. Now click on the Login option.

STEP 5. Now you should have access to your My JDW account.

Reset MyJDW Zellis Account Login Password

Do you need to change or reset your MyJDW login password?. Are you looking for reliable instructions for the recovery process?. Well, let me inform you that you can only reset your password at the website of JDW website.

Although, resetting your password is quite easy that is if you have the knowledge of the process. Other than that you should also be aware of the requirement or details that you have to provide. So, let us take a look at the details that you will need in order to recover your password.

  1. Employee Id 
  2. Email Address.
my jdw
  • On the next page enter your employee number and DOB.
  • Click on the Reset my account.
  • The portal will send you an email with the remaining instructions.

My JDW Staff App

Those who are unaware of the fact that there is an official My JDW employee self service app or JDW app. Furthermore, you can download the app and login from your mobile. So, you can just access your account from your mobile and most importantly check your JD Wetherspoon employee payslips and other details.

The JDW app can be download by android or IOS user alike. Hence, you can the app from your respective application store. Here’s how to find the JDW app.

  • Open Google Ply or Apple Store.
  • On the search bar type JDW app.
  • When the app appears on your screen click on Install.
  • After the installation is complete open the app.
  • You can then enter your employee id and password.
  • Finally, click on Login.


How do I check My JD Wetherspoon payslip/paystub?

You can check your respective JDW employee payroll details online. However, to access the your payslip statements JDW login is mandatory. So, before you can view your paystub the following steps must be taken.

a) Go to MyJDW login portal.
b) Enter your employee id and password.
c) Click on Login.
d) Once logged in click on Paystub/Payroll option.
e) Then click on the payslip you want to view or you may have to select the week/month.
f) Finally, click on View details.

My JDW payslip login forgotten employee id?

If for some reason you lost or forgot you employee id will mean that you cannot login until you get your id. Unlike password recovery you cannot recovery your employee id online. But you can get the id form your respective line manager.

Therefore, if you every forget or lose your employee id than you can contact your line manager to get it.

Where do I check My JD Wetherspoon employee login benefits?

You can check out the list of benefits here. If you wish to know the significance of using the JDW login services then this section can be informative. Furthermore, you will also be able to know by completing your My JDW login you can get useful information relate to:

1) My JDW employee payslip/paystub/payroll record.
2) You can check your bonus schemes.
3) Work schedule, shift, total working hours, etc.
4) Employees discount benefits.
5) Tax payment records.

JD Wetherspoon Employee Pay and Rewards

JDW staffs can receive several rewards in return of their professional services. So, if you want to know such pay and rewards offered by JDW to its employees then take a look at the following list. Just so you know these are some of the benefits, because there are a lot more.

  1. Employees enjoy pay rates above National Minimum Wage and National Living wage.
  2. Along with basic pay, company bonus schemes are provided.
  3. Employees with 18 months’ service are eligible for Shar Incentive Plan nd receive free shares.
  4. Free meal and a drink to employees who work for a shift of six hour or longer.
  5. Employee discount on and off duty across JDW pubs and hotels.

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