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  1. Hello,
    I’ve been struggling with logging into my account for the past month. No matter how many times ive tried to login or reset my password, there is an error each time. I cant change nor reset anything, please help me.
    Thank you

  2. I am having problems login in my payslips. it might be because of being on furlough my password has not been updated. comes up with error code 500

  3. i have been having technical issues resetting my payslip
    each time they issue a new link to reset my account
    The link shows invalid link
    error code 111
    I must of gone through over two hundred links
    even my technical team is having problem resetting my payslip
    surely there is a easy why the the team can view there payslip and print them

  4. Why do you automatically re send a password link when I click forgotten password and the link that is sent states its not a valid password reset link ?

  5. Hi I have been trying to reset my password, and no matter how many times I have tried is still not working for me. Please can I get help on how to get my password reset. Thank

  6. have been trying since september 2020 its now january 2021 to veiw my pay slips.i have contacted IT so many times giving full explination of what i have done ie follow what they sugested ,i have sent my phone number asking them to ring me i have even asked for IT to just set it up and with a password and just tell me so can log in but i just get the same reply to follow there link to reset and i get same result INVAID LINK!!! its the worse system i have come across!!


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