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View and print the Cordant payslip online from by login into the Cordant recruitment Group payslips auxiliary web portal. Cordant connects employee portal provides unified services including payslip pdf, P60, wage, recruitment, security, cleaning, and other technical services.

Cordant group policies stats that all employees paid according to their working days, or hours. The Cordant digitalization is recorded and distributes the payment data in a big way and permits its employees to access their personal data electronically that enhance the accuracy of your data, save time, paper cost, etc.

Member of the Cordant Group staff, and employees who are recruited on permanent, temporary, and contract basis can check and download their payment receipt from the Cordant people management system.

The Cordant people payroll portal is very fast gives access to view and modifies your personal work-related data and also allows you to check your payslip. Online payslip distribution is an advanced technology for employees to check and download their up to date and historic salary statements or payslip electronically from the Cordant payroll secure system.

Cordant People Portal Online Login

Cordant group employees’ digital payslip is easy to view on android mobile, iPhone, desktop, laptop, tab, etc. But how! let’s see. It possible only on the Cordant people payroll service portal that is here you will ask for user id, password, company, and token(token not required by clients or mobile workers).

There are various payroll terms associated with a company running payroll

  • Deduction:- The tax, insurance is deducted from the employee’s salary.
  • Compensation:- The Bonuses, benefits, wages which are added to employees’ salaries.
  • Gross Wages:- Actual amount of employees’ salary without any deduction.
  • Net Wages:- Final income output after calculating all the compensations and deduction.

How To Check Cordant Payslip Online?

Cordant recruitment people online portal allow you to access your salary receipt and personal details easily 24/7 by connecting their system with the internet at any place. The Cordant people’s payroll system controls the entire human resources data.

Without any doubt collaborate with this employee self-service portal to get a professional report of your salary receipt. Let’s know how to login on Cordant connect people application. Step by step process is mentioned below in this heading.

Step 1. Visit on the people payroll web address).

Step 2. On the index page, you will see a sign-in form, where you are required to enter your valid sign-in credentials.

Cordant people

Step 3. Enter your user id, password, company, token(if required), and click on the Sign In button.

Step 4. Now you will able to see your payslip from your profile dashboard.


Cordant Payslips Login Password Reset

Cordant colleagues if you have forgotten the Cordant people online login password, then you have a right to reset your password online(it’s to be done at and offline(it’s to be done in your local branch). How to do it online let’s see from below.

  • Visit Cordant people official portal
  • Now on the login page, you will see a Forgotten Password(at the bottom of the sign-in page) click on the option.

Cordant people payslip

  • Here you will ask for various professional details such that for user ID, company, DOB, NI number, Postal Code, etc.

  • Fill the forgotten password online form with all the required information to make a new login account.
  • Click on the Reset Password button.
  • To complete the reset password task open your registered email address for the verification.


Cordant People Employee Registration

Cordant employees need to login first at the Cordant portal to access the online payslip and account details. Before login at the portal, you must be registered at the official Cordant people payslip portal.

If you are new at the Cordant group and want to create your profile on the Cordant portal. Then here are the steps that will help to complete your registration.

Step 1. The first step is to visit portal.

Step 2. On the login page of the Cordant people click on the First Visit Registration option.

Cordant payslip

Step 3. Now on the registration page enter your Date of birth, national insurance number, postcode, and create a password.

cordant payslips

Step 4. After entering all these details click on the Register button.

Step 5. Now your registration is complete and you will receive a confirmation mail.



I’m new in Cordant How can I access my digital payslip?
The Cordant colleague’s digital payslips copy is published at the online payroll portal. You can access your paystub via, under the employee service section. At first, connect your system with the internet, go to the Cordant payroll portal, to the login enter your user id, password, company, and token(if require). All details are required.

I have forgotten my password can I reset it?
Yes, the Cordant payroll portal allows you to reset your password anywhere at any time. If you lost your password from their mind or noted place then you can recover or reset their password within a minute. The complete process is mentioned in this article.

I’m a Cordant mobile worker can I require for Token?
No, Token is not required by mobile workers and clients. So, if you are a mobile worker or client then leave the token field blank during sign in.

About Cordant Portal

Since 1992 Cordant group sourcing sedulous or hardworking pleased staff for SMEs across the UK. There are thousands of temporary workforce recruitment is to be done by Cordant Group every week, to improve productivity, complete the business goals, etc.

Cordant offers many services like multi-sector recruitment, cleaning, healthcare, technical, and security services. Yearly 2500 new people are recruited over their client’s industries on permanent positions. Cordant Group serves customers in the United Kingdom. The Cordant Group has thousands of temporary, permanent, and contract workforce/employees.

Cordant employees, payslips distribution is not possible easily, because of the high volume of workforce or employees. But via the online procedure, it will possible. So, Cordant developed a digital connection with a personal touch. It allows you to view and print your payment details, personal documents, etc online in a few minutes.